Elden Consulting and Industrial Services is a global provider of system commissioning and cleaning services for multiple industries.  We seek to combine state of the art equipment with experienced and efficient engineered solutions for rapid deployment and minimal downtime.  We are composed of a small and adaptable team with over 15 years of experience in the industry.  Through our experience we have developed an approach to industrial cleaning that combines efficient processes with modified technology.   Simply put, our solution saves our customers both time and money while delivering a superior service.  

Experienced Engineering  
Our implementation experience and knowledge allows us to provide rapid and accurate quotes so you can move forward with your project. Most projects can be engineered in less than 2 weeks and submitted for your approval well in advance of the need. Additionally, our engineering team has amassed considerable experience in the field allowing us to rapidly respond to the changing needs of our customers and their projects.

Engineered Effectively  
Not Over Engineered. Our methods have been developed to reduce your cost while providing a rapid and effective turnaround to hit your project milestones. When designing your custom solution, we carefully consider and seek the most efficient method to meet your needs. During implementation, we come on-site and work directly with your personnel. By leveraging the knowledge of your current resources who have an intimate understanding of the facility, we reduce your cost and overall implementation time.

Less Equipment = Lower Cost  
To meet your needs, we design our engineering solutions with careful consideration given to incorporating locally or on-site equipment availability. While other firms run up their profits by forcing customers to use their equipment, we feel that the same or even better results can be achieved by integrating existing hardware on the site or sourcing locally. This saves you money, time, reduces waste, cuts transportation costs and reduces unexpected barriers to completion. Our strength is our process, and NOT false hardware.